Have a question? Call +86 (0) 755 3395 2888
Have a question? Call +86 (0) 755 3395 2888
Have a question? Call +86 (0) 755 3395 2888
Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen
+86 (0)755 3395 2888

No.9 Mission Hills Road, Shenzhen, 518110 China

Hard Rock Hotel ShenzhenNow Hiring Rock Stars

At Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen, we’re always looking for more band members. If you want to upgrade your career to the big stage, then we’re the place to be. Hospitality careers in Shenzhen don’t get any more exciting than one at Hard Rock. Careers at our hotel are always being posted here, so check back often and be sure to schedule an audition if something looks like the right gig for you.

**Any job posting for Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen seen on this site/accessed through this tool is being posted by Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen and should you choose to request more information about a position or apply for a position at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando, you are communicating with Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen as the prospective employer. 

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